Monday, April 30, 2007

C+D Video Anthology - Queens Takin' OVA!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I haven't started the C+D glossary yet, but I have a few terms that I'm working on. Patience, people! For now, I've decided to post C+D's favorite videos, some of which serve as the "expiration" for our wonderful terms. Enjoy!

Pit Bull

What What (In the Butt)

Samwell Interview

Put Cha Freakum Dress On!

Hip Hop Abs (Come on out of the closet, baby)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yes Yes, Y'all!

Coming Soon: The C+D Glossary (Everything You Wanted to Know About C+D But Was Too Lazy or Stannish To Ask)!

Friday, April 13, 2007

What Would You Do-oo-oo For Larry the Cable Guy Tickets?

This is a video of one of those radio broadcasts where people have to do stupid shit to get equally stupid shit. The stupid shit in question this time are backstage passes to the Larry the Cable Guy show. Yep, Mr. Git Er DONE! himself. The two women in the clip are (supposedly) mother and daughter. I'm not going to explain what they have to do for the tickets. Just watch. Might be NSFW...possibly.

The fun begins at 7:44

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I hate you, too!

Reina Negra V

Dancin' Fools

Grannies Gettin' It!

*Fun starts at 45 seconds

Random Dancin'

The Carlton

Jump On It! Jump On It!

Do The Urkel!!

To All The Females Using Their Babies For Negative Purposes

"Babies and sex were once more commonly used for income than they are now; women continue to receive money from welfare for having babies, and men sometimes act as prostitues to pry the money from them."

"Casual sex with as many women as possible, impregnating one or more, and getting them to have his baby brings a boy the ultimate in esteem from his peers and makes him a man. Casual sex is therefore fraught with social significance for the boy who has little or no hope of achieving financial stability and hence cannot see himself taking care of a family."

"The girl has her dream of a family and a home, of a good man who will provide for her and her children. The boy, knowing he cannot be that family man, because he has few job prospects, yet needing to have sex to achieve manhood in the eyes of his peer group, pretends to be the decent and good man and so persuades the girl to give him sex and perhaps a baby. He may then abandon her, and she realizes he was not the good man, after all, but rather a nothin' out to exploit her."

- Elijah Anderson, Code of the Street

Ladies, PLEASE remember this the next time you want to sleep with some dude up the block!

And yes, Kim Porter, that means you, too. Especially the quote below.

"A baby could in cold economic terms be considered an asset, which is without a doubt an important factor behind explotative sex and out-of-wedlock babies...."

Thursday, April 05, 2007

WWW (The Wide World of Wikis)

Like many on the internet, I'm a HUGE fan of Wikipedia! It's just so addictive! I mean, I could look up something on....let's say...Lupe Fiasco and end up reading about Chinese cuisine and forgetting how I got to that point in the first place. Plus, it's always nice to be full of random, usless information.

Every now and then, I come across another interesting wiki or two so now I present to you my favorite (and soon to be favorite) wikis!

Wikocracy - Where ordinary, everday people can make changes to the laws that affect their lives. No, the laws don't actually hold any weight, but maybe it will get people to talking and some changes will be made.

The TV IV - Everything you wanted to know about your favorite television programs from characters to plot lines and everythang inbetween.

Uncyclopedia - Have you ever wanted to list the many reasons why Paris Hilton is a slut or who Evan Ross' real daddy is but couldn't because the stuffy folks at Wikipedia would take it down? Fear not, free thinkers, cause you can do all that and more at Uncyclopedia!

MemoryArchive - The events that shape our lives as individuals, as a country, and as citizens of the world as seen through the eyes of those who have been there. Very touching and powerful stuff!

wikiHow - How to do everything from ripping a phonebook in half to surviving an encounter with a croc or an alligator.

Muppet Wiki - Any and everything related to the late, great Jim Henson and his Muppets.

Wikiversity - A way to teach yourself all the things you should be taught. Very interesting.

Conservapedia - Ever wanted to know what Conservatives think about life and everything that goes on throughout it? Check Conservapedia out. *reads the section on Bisexuality, scoffs* Yeah, this should be REAL interesting! *rolls eyes*

*wipes forehead, stretches out fangas* Whoo! And that's not all of them! There's a Super Mario wiki out there but I can't remember the URL. Hope y'all enjoy!

Poor Kermie

*sighs* I knew that pank bitch Piggy was no good for you! That ho probably sitting up with Fozzie somewhere sanging "You Know I'm No Good" while getting nose-fucked by Gonzo! No, not this Gonzo, but this one.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

For your viewing pleasure

Fresh has been mad stupid with the videos today on C+D so I'm finna be nice and share the wealth!

I Thro' My Munny On Da Flo'!

Ms. Miracle Jackson (The epitome of the term "Fuck Effort")

That girl was gettin' it, wasn't she? I ain't seen dancin' that good since that peg-legged bitch on "Dancing With The Stars" did a back flip in black and gold Nike's!

My Pussy Is Magic

I have no idea where this chick came from but I love her ass!

Going to light a candle in reverance of my magical pussy,

Reina Negra V

A lil help for my East Coast twin

Coco, this is for you. It's a nice little routine you can try out the next time you meet up with DRS!

She finally did a video right

Ok, y'all know I'm not a big fan of Beyonce' the person and sometimes not even of her music, but sometimes she gets it right. I present to you...

Flaws and All

I fuckin' LOVE this song AND the video! Maybe it's the fact that she looks pretty damn natural in this video or maybe it's the fact that it's a song about not being perfect. Whatever it is, I LOVE it!

I also love

Woman Like Me

This song pretty much describes me to a T. It's also one of my most used ringtones. Hey, never let it be said that I cannot separate the person from the music. Well, unless you're a pissy (literally) ass-punk by the name of R. Kelly or a pedophile named Michael Jackson. Oh, y'all gets NO iPod privilages! Furtherfuckingmore, y'all need to read the AARON cause there are just some thangs y'all ain't supposed to do!

Y'all read me when I blog/Accept the post, flaws and all/And that's why I looooove y'aaalll,

Reina Negra V

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The origin of my AIM screen name

Damn, I know it's been a min since I've updated but it seems like every single time I get a good topic lodged in my head it flies away before I can get it down. Well, that and the fact that my damn monitor went ker-plunk on me two weeks ago for almost a week and I had to come out of pocket to get a new one! *sigh* But anyway....

My AIM screen name is mixednotmixedup. A couple of people have asked me why I picked that name so....I decided to explain the reason right here.

To begin, let me lay out my racial makeup. I'm mostly Black (Af-Am, whatever you want to call it), but I am also part German, part Native American (Blackfoot, I'm told), and part Jewish. I guess because of this mixture I look like I am a Latina (Puerto Rican is what I hear the most). I'm not offended by that at all, but I've had people out-and-out TELL ME that I'm a Latina and that I'm just portraying myself to be black and that I need to stop being so fake. What the fuck?!? Like I'm really about to go to an all-black school in the middle of the fuckin' hood and pretend to be a race that I'm not. Fuckouttahere!

It also gets to me a bit when I see people trying to say that because a Black person is not "obviously black" that they have a better time in life. First of all, what is "obviously black"? There are tribes in Africa that dye their hair with red clay - are you going to tell them that they're not Black because their hair is red? Am I any less black because I choose to dye my hair a color other than black or brown on the regular?

The Black race has a multitude of skin tones ranging from the lightest white to the darkest black with AND without being mixed with any other race. Are you telling me that because I fall on the lighter side of the spectrum that I'm less Black than the next woman?

What about my hair? It's curly and wavy so I couldn't possibly be black, right? What the hell is "obviously black"? If someone said that it meant someone who is dark-skinned with kinky hair, big lips and a wide nose then some of you would probably say that that's very sterotypical. Well, if it's not that, then what is it?

Ok, so I don't look "obviously black" to most people. I've never felt like I was betraying my race by some of the things that I would and still do but some people around felt like I was. Why? For one, I don't really listen to a lot of the shit that urban radio plays. Honestly, I think a lot of it is fluff and bullshit. What do I listen to? Anything I damn well please, no matter what genre it is. Almost no genre is taboo to me and almost all genres are sacred. Whatever moves/touches/heals me, that's what I listen to.

Another reason is my hair. There are those who would've said that I was trying to assmilate myself into (with?) white culture by relaxing my hair and there are those would say that I am trying to do that now because I put a damn Miniglide to my hair. What these people don't understand is that no matter how beautiful natural hair is, sometimes you really don't feel like dealing with it. For me, it was a matter of managibility. Hell, sometimes it still is! Oh, and I also dye my hair on the regular. I was born a brunette but I have been a blonde (honey to platinum), a redhead (really dark red to blood) and I've dyed my hair purple. Shit, I would dye it blue if I wasn't about to look for a job!

And y'all might be interested to know that I would like to have eye contacts in different colors, including blue, green, and violet. Does all that mean that I'm trying to mold myself into the White idea of beauty? Does it mean that I'm trying to fit in with the Punks or Goths? Does it mean that I hate myself so fucking much that I'm willing to put things in my eyes and chemically "fuck up" my hair? Hell no! It just means that I like expressing myself through different ways. I like different things. When did THAT become the ultimate crime against Blackness?

*sigh* I actually didn't mean to go off on a rant, but this shit has been going on for YEARS. Everything from "I can see the tracks in your hair" to "You're being favored just because you're mom looks/is white" (she's biracial, just really light) to "You think you're all that because you're light-skinned" to getting strange looks because of what I listen to to feeling ashamed because I want to tell that certain someone how I feel through a song but I can't because it's not Rap or R&B (or Crunk&B or Snap&B). I haven't been through it all, but I've been through enough.

Oh, right. The origin of my name. I chose mixednotmixedup because my racial makeup is not in ANY way indicative of my mind state or my personality.

I know exactly who the fuck I am. Do YOU know who YOU are?

Reina Negra V