Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bullshit Notes From Summer 2007 Pt. 2

After I sent him that note, he hit me with one later and boy, was it a doozy! I just sent him a response tonight so if he says anything else, I'll post it.

Him - Aug 25, 2007 6:32 PM

reality check g! first of all YOURE NOT FINE!!! youre a 5 at best and youre getting fat and out of any type of shape you ever had. second youre a psycho that fucks wit bitches, man listen me being wit you u is not a upgrade 4 me its a total downgrade thats y my cousins did that cause they thought i was on crack fuckin wit someone that aint fine at all and too young. you aint worth a squrt of piss out a burnin dick!! and you will always be that same RUNNER that i let give me a v.d.FUCK YOU and the faggot niggaz u fuck wit!! and change that picture on youre site cause it dont help.thats what i get 4 gamblin on a total rat real talk. and 4 a billion cash i would never marry you are you sick?? dont flatter yourself g. p.s. get off da pills and get some fuckin money ya dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me - September 1, 2007 let me get this straight. I loved you, cared for and about you, stood up for you, waited for you, NEVER cheated on you and was thinking about marrying you and because of that I'm a psycho, a downgrade, a rat and not worth a squrt of pissblahblahblah? Man, your standards are truely fucked because most men would love someone like that! I don't know what the hell I did (in YOUR mind) to "deserve" such hatred from you but I guarentee you that it's misdirected.

I never said I was fine (although I am). I said I was attractive. YOU are the one that said I was fine, sexy, attractive, etc and who am I to shut down such wonderful praise? And this body? Negro, PLEASE! Maybe you like to mess with stick thin broads but my weight is just where it's supposed to be, thank you very much. Besides, it wasn't bothering you when you couldn't keep your hands off of me the last time you saw me.

Oh, and I'M a downgrade? Dude, I'm where I'm supposed to be right now. YOU on the other hand have not made any progress since 2002. Yes, you have a daughter (if you're not lying about that) but you're also in the same place you were back then: in your mom and dad's house and/or your cousin's house, working a job that you're embarassed about and still trying to make it in the rap game. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just MAYBE you should branch out on your own and start doing for you instead of doing for everyone else, including your family? BTW, the marriage, should I send you the notes that you sent me on here cause, yeah, you said you wanted to marry me. Why would you say some stupid shit and then act like I can't go back and check?

Yeah, I'm taking anti-depressants. So? At least I'm trying to do something to better myself. What are YOU doing besides spitting that tired-ass "get money" manifesto that every other nigga out here is spitting? You're how old again? Don't you think you should leave that bullshit lifestyle to the youngin's? Get ya mind right, raise your daughter and stop trying to disrespect someone who had your back from day one (even when you did stupid shit) and who has NEVER made a move to disrespect you.

And for the last muthafuckin' time....I DID NOT GIVE YOU ANY V.D., STD OR WHATEVER! I went to the doctor after that bullshit message and guess what? I DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING! You need to go scream in whatever ho's you were fucking ear and leave me the hell alone.

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