Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Got That 'Rilla Looooooove

I know that this is an interview and I know that he's actually answering the questions but when I see his sexiness and his gorgeous eyes (although that screen shot is hurrible)...

...they might as well be adults in Charlie Brown's world 'cause I promise all I hear is "Wah. Wah-wah-wah-wah. K'nahmsayin'?".

Oh, Fiddy. What I wouldn't give to be able to feel tiny in your arms, make love all night and then wake up in the morning and cook you some cheesy eggs and fried bologna! *shivers in extacy*

Don't look at me like that, y'all! I gotta have someone to fulfill my needs until Mr. Wasulu Muhammad Jaco comes to claim me as his wife!

Oh, and Curtis...I lubs you. I really do. Oh, the things I would let you do!

I would let you beat it up and hobble my ass into the kitchen to fix you whatever you want no matter what time it is.

I would lick the muthafuckin' sweat off of your collarbone.

I would grab your ears and keep your ass well-fed (ahem) for DAYS.

I would practice Pliates AND Yoga just so you can twist my ass like a pretzel.

I would show you why somebody asked me if I was half-giraffe (context clues...STOP! Think about it!).


You pull some shit like THIS on me

And you WILL be fucked to the UP, mah nigga. *blows a kiss*


DivineLavender said...

of all the shit to play...

musky, arm pit, chocolate in the mouth?

I am wondering why ain't they flying on a private jet?


Qucifer said...

Ughh Girl i shan't never let my V fall so low....look him, he is borderline on disability!!11

Dont do iit bebe!!!!

He can't even say: My brainz, let me show you it!