Monday, December 31, 2007

Things I've Learned in 2007

Love is sometimes not enough.

Sometimes what you think is not enough turns out to be way too much.

When God closes one door, another one opens.

Sometimes an open door can give you the strength to close another one.

My moral boundries are not as set in stone as I thought they were.

No matter your age, you can still act like a jealous, petty teenager.

Having no empathy is bad but it's just as bad to have too much.

Don't give so much of yourself that you have NOTHING left for you.

Be so attracted to yourself that you never have to worry about whether someone else is.

Insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result.

It's okay to be single.

The right anti-depressant makes all the difference in the world.

He will always go back to the baby mama.

Your best friend can be your ex and your ex can be your best friend. (think about that one for a minute)

I don't like being put on pedestals because the higher you're placed, the farther you may have to fall.

I can last six months without sex.

Six months without sex kinda sucks. (or not sucks, if you want to use a pun)

I never want to dye my hair an "extreme" color again. (Stained nails, body, clothes, pillowcases, shower, and walls)

I love my curls.

I hate my curls.

Curl cream is a life-saver.

I love getting free samples.

I have pretty tittays.

Nipple piercing hurts like a bitch!

Revenge can happen inadvertedly.

A connection is a connection, no matter if it's in person or over the internet.

Some of the most reserved and quiet-looking people can be crazy as hayle (in a good way) and can Crunk their asses off!

Finally...I've learned that I love, luv, lub, and luff my Crunk fam! I want to say thanks to y'all because I never knew that a connection with so many people who are not face-to-face was possible. Y'all have made me laugh my ass off, enriched my vocabulary (peen, pus'e, dack, hamhock hoes), given me advice whether I wanted it or not (lol), and comforted me through some of the worst times I've had this year. I don't know what I would've done without y'all and I damn sho don't wanna find out. I LOVE Y'ALL NEGUSES AND YT (there's only one)!!

Crunk will be great in '08,

Reina Negra V


S.K. said...

Hahaha - all that was cute, words I can relate to. I'm soo happy I made it out of 2007 in one piece.

You have a special place in my crunk heart (yeah the freaky part).

Happy New Year


p.s. the And YT made me choke.

MIA Shawn said...

This was a great list. It's great to reflect and it's even greater to let God(the Universe or whatever you're into on not into) know that you are thankful! That's an awesome way to start out the year. Keep up the good work on you. Life=growth. Also when you get a little down, looking back on what you have to be thankfull is a good way to lift your spirits.

Although I'm kinda new to the crunk crew, I must say that I luff the crunk crew as well. Yall introduced me to blogging, blog whoring(Lmao @ that term), allowed me to exercise my brain, allowed me to share my random information gathered for random reasons and most importantly yall have consistently tried to send me to an early grave from lmao!

Let's make it great in 08! Happy New Years!!!!!

Leoninatl said...

Happy New Years!

SupremeAntBee said...

That was really deep and self-reflecting, but I can relate to most of it, too.
Happy New Year to you, Onyx, you will be great in '08!
Quiet as it's kept, you're my favorite Crunkster....ssshhhh.......LOL!

Qucifer said...

I'm fucking saying!! I lub you and you best lub me too!

Bex-N-Effect said...

I lubs you more!!!

*does the Reebok*

sms said...

I just stumbled upon this (I'm a faithful C+D lurker) and kept reading all the way back to your first post. You are a talented writer and I completely feel you on the matter of trife men. Thanks for giving me some entertainment/food for thought on a night so quiet I can practically hear the snow falling.